5 Best Gifts to Gift Yourself

Recently I've been inspired by the fabulous Cottage Fairy you can check out her YouTube Channel here and her wonderful prompts for living life more simply. Her way of life is just wonderful, she strives to find joy in every day activities through a mindful approach to tasks.

In the spirit of Valentine's, it being this Sunday  it got me thinking about 5 gifts we can gift to ourselves.

1. The gift of time to just be and what better way than carving out time to read. There is a wonderful Sheffield based small business Botany & Books you can check it out here the business is a subscription service based around preloved books and handmade vegan candles. Now who doesn't want to while away an hour at the end of the day reading and sitting in peace with a candle?

2. The gift of exercise; I've been inspired recently by 'Yoga with Adrienne' and her 15 minute practice here is just wonderful for getting into flow and feeling more grounded and appreciative. I can't wait until school reopens so we can do our daily jaunt back and forth. Walking is such good exercise for the body and mind.

3. The gift of inner peace. I love to fall asleep listening to binaural beats and find this from Sapien Medicine particularly peace bringing. 

4. I could not write this post without a nod to my own creations and the Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser here which is my hero product, designed for day and night application it brings bliss to the skin and senses, a feeling of maximum hydration, skin drinks it up.

5. Finally on the sentiment of gifts to self,  I came across this joyous little business 'Between the Folds' who specialise in the glorious gifting of air plant terrariums. Spectacular.

Between the Folds