My Story

Why did I create Skin Elixir and why is it so good?

Turn the clock back 4 years and I had always felt embarrassed and uncomfortable - a big part of this was down to feeling self-conscious of dry flaky skin - around my nose primarily. Concealer wouldn't touch it - only worsen the flakiness.
So Skin Elixir was born out of a need to improve the health of my skin and improve the way I felt about myself. Day and night application of the moisturiser has given me so much more confidence and helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin.
I know from chatting to my customers who want a fuss free effective beauty that many have felt the same level of pain and cringiness and I feel blessed to be providing  women - and men for that matter - with a multi-purpose face cream that works day and night to truly nourish and restore skin to optimal condition whilst lifting the spirits.
When I first searched for ethical skincare - paraben, emulsifier, synthetic-free, and cruelty-free, I had little joy, as on close scrutiny of ingredients listings, most products use synthetic preservatives and other 'filler' ingredients to enhance the shelf life and make beneficial ingredients stretch further.
Skin Elixir 100% natural skincare products have a 12-month shelf life and only contain natural Vitamin E, nature's own preservative.
Fundamental to me and my brand, are the ingredients - selected for their skin healing properties, nurturing not damaging and forever healing.
Your skin is amazing, working 24/7 to protect you from the ravages of daily life, Skin Elixir's naturally beneficial ingredients restore and oxygenate, improving the quality and health of all skin types. Frankincense, a key feature in Skin Elixir products and rightly revered as the king of oils, is not only treasured as an ancient antidepressant for its ability to induce mental peace, relaxation and satisfaction but can have a phenomenally positive impact on the skin, promoting healthy cell regeneration and reversing the signs of ageing.
Made by hand in small batches, my mission is to delight your skin with my moisturiser and night oil. Whether you are looking to soothe, smooth, reduce fine lines, even skin tone or address rosacea, eczema or acne or just looking to apply multi-tasking luxurious and affordable skin goodness day and night, I truly believe as do my loyal customers, that Skin Elixir does this.

As a small independent brand I bring you truly ethical and affordable luxury skincare, designed to transform and nourish the skin you're in whilst not costing the earth.

I choose recyclable amber glass packaging to protect both the integrity of the products and create zero waste. 

Thank you 
Shona x
Founder/Maker of Skin Elixir - nourish the skin you're in 
Shona Munro with Theo Pathitis