My Story

What is Skin Elixir and why is it so good?

Skin Elixir arose from my passion for beauty products and a desire to create non toxic skincare to both nourish the skin you're in and to lift spirits. Products that are not only subtly, sumptuously-scented and sensual, but luxurious, affordable, long lasting and ethical too. Developed with busy mum's like me in mind  (I'm a single mum to twins!) and today loved by make-up artists, medical herbalists and yoginis alike, in fact anyone of us looking for a no fuss skincare ritual that actually works.
My narrow range consists of just the Organic Frankincense & May chang Moisturiser (available in 15ml travel size or 60ml jars) and Magnificent Night Oil both sustainably packaged in amber reusable glass.
When I first searched for ethical skincare - paraben, emulsifier, synthetic-free, and cruelty-free, I had little joy, as on close scrutiny of ingredients listings, most products use synthetic preservatives and other toxic 'filler' ingredients to enhance the shelf life and make beneficial ingredients stretch further. Skin Elixir 100% natural skincare products have a 12-month shelf life and only contain natural Vitamin E, nature's own preservative.
Fundamental to me and my brand, are the ingredients - selected for their skin healing properties, nurturing not damaging and forever healing. Skin does not tire of their restorative properties. Frankincense, a key feature in Skin Elixir products and rightly revered as the king of oils, is not only treasured as an ancient antidepressant for its ability to induce mental peace, relaxation and satisfaction but can have a phenomenally positive impact on the skin, promoting healthy cell regeneration and reversing the signs of ageing.
Made by hand in small batches my mission is to delight your skin with my moisturiser and night oil. Whether you are looking to soothe, smooth, reduce fine lines, even skin tone or address rosacea, eczema or acne or just looking to apply multi-tasking luxurious and affordable skin goodness day and night, I truly believe as do my loyal customers, that Skin Elixir does this.
We are on this earth to serve others. My ambitions are modest, I make these products to bring you skin confidence.  I happily give back to my community providing samples and products and it's my goal once Skin Elixir is more widely recognised and as part of my regenerative business principles and our collective healthy future, to give back a percentage of profit to local food projects to increase pesticide free food production locally.
I hope you will all cherish these products, handmade with love and integrity.
Founder/Maker of Skin Elixir - nourish the skin you're in 
Shona Munro with Theo Pathitis