The Skin Elixir Story

Affordable luxury for those moments of self care.

Hello, I'm Shona, thanks for stopping by. I started to develop Skin Elixir in 2016, after years of searching for skincare that was not only ethical, but also effective for my skins needs.

I was self-conscious about dryness and flaky patches on my face. Make-up and concealer only seemed to worsen the problem areas. I wanted to improve the health of my skin and feel better about myself.

Day and night application of the Skin Elixir moisturiser helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I saw such good results that I wanted to share that confidence with others.

I create all my waterless formulas and everything is trialled with customers and lab safety tested and approved before I bring anything to market. This small range is very much a result of requests from my loyal customers.

I make everything by hand in small batches, my mission is to bring kindness to your skin and to give you the best in 100% natural, handmade, organic, vegan skincare products with all the luxury and none of the fuss. Skin Elixir products are designed to truly nourish the skin you're and work to soothe, smooth, reduce fine lines, and even skin tone. My products can also help address rosacea, eczema and acne. I also stock the Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand to compliment your skincare routine 

Skin Elixir has a discerning, loyal customer base who believe in the principles of the brand and in the effectiveness of the products.

My customers, who are mainly women 40 and over report a big reduction in facial redness and photoaging, a more balanced skin tone and texture. Over time, the elimination of acne, and almost instantly the end to dry, lacklustre skin.

All Skin Elixir handmade products are made in my kitchen workshop in West Bridgford, Nottingham, UK using 100% natural, vegan, organic sustainably sourced ingredients. 07933891885

Skin  Elixir is all about multi-tasking, luxurious and affordable skincare, that transforms your skin health, founded on ethical principles -  the goodness our skin deserves. 

If you're on a quest to nourish the skin you're in and would like a sample before you commit then please drop me a message to - likewise if you have a yoga group or similar and you're already a customer and would like to share the Skin Elixir love then I will provide samples for your event(s) for FREE* just drop me a line.

 In service to skin health,

Shona  x
Creator & Founder of Skin Elixir

 *within reason

Natural ingredients for holistic skincare

Our skin is amazing, working tirelessly to protect our bodies from the ravages of daily life. It deserves to be treated with kindness.

I found that many products promoted as ethical or natural (without parabens or emulsifiers, synthetic-free or cruelty-free), still used chemical preservatives to enhance shelf-life, dilute beneficial ingredients, and bulk out content.

Skin Elixir ingredients are fundamental to the integrity of the brand. Each one is selected for its nurturing and skin-healing properties, to restore and oxygenate skin of all types. Ingredients are chosen for their efficacy and from organic and or wild crafted, non GMO, ethical sources; packaging is set to a minimum with no single use plastics.


Revered as the King of Oils, Frankincense is an ancient antidepressant, used to induce mental peace, relaxation and satisfaction. Its benefits to skin are also phenomenal, promoting healthy cell regeneration and slowing signs of ageing.

Vitamin E

The integrity of any product is dependent on all of its ingredients, and is compromised by blending in synthetic chemicals.

The Skin Elixir range is 100% natural and contains Vitamin E - nature's own preservative - which provides the products a 12-month shelf-life.

Sustainability & Zero Waste

As a small independent brand, it is important to me to deliver affordable luxury skincare, which does not cost the earth. Skin Elixir is packaged in recyclable amber glass, protecting the integrity of the products but creating zero waste. Please reuse or recycle ♻️ 

Shona Munro with Theo Pathitis