• The ONLY moisturiser & night oil your skin will ever need

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Transform your skin with Skin Elixir nourish the skin you're in small batch, handmade, 100% natural, organic, vegan, ethical, face moisturiser and night oil.

Your skin is amazing, working 24/7 to protect you from the ravages of daily life.

Skin Elixir's naturally beneficial ingredients restore and oxygenate, improving the quality and health of all skin types.

As a solo entrepreneur I pride myself on proving that the beauty industry can be regenerative. As a small independent brand I bring you truly ethical and affordable luxury skincare, designed to transform and nourish the skin you're in whilst not costing the earth. I choose recyclable amber glass packaging to protect both the integrity of the products and create zero waste. 

"The best moisturiser I have ever used, my skin feels moisturised by the morning when I use it overnight and the smell is amazing, also present in the morning. Can't recommend it enough."

Claire Morgan

"I received Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser as a gift from my sister who was already using it. Not only does it leave my skin feeling totally nourished but I find the smell really relaxing and calming. Really grateful that its been introduced to my daily routine. Looking forward to trying more Skin Elixir products."  

Michaela Hicklin

"So in love with my Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May chang Moisturiser. After just one week I have stopped
​wearing foundation - just a touch of concealer and a touch of blush and I'm going. Smells so good too."

Kate Dawson

"It's our favourite WE LOVE IT!"

Actress, Designer, Co- Author of Nourish - Sadie Frost & Singer & Actress Collette Cooper

"I highly recommend this cream - ethical, organic, smells divine and wonderfully rich. Before I tried it I was using La Mer (given to me as a a present, it's waaayyyy too expensive for me normally) and yours is the only other cream I've found that is comparable in terms of consistency and richness. It's fab."

Emma McDevitt

Skin Elixir

"The night oil is also my day oil, my everything oil! It feels incredible, silky soft and hydrating. I am happy knowing that I am nourishing my skin with 100% natural and organic ingredients & the results are apparent. My face feels radiant, it has cleared blemishes I previously felt self-conscious about, and now I very rarely bother to wear make-up....” 

Fiona Morris, Yoga Teacher

"It's scent is earthy, floral and grassy all at once. I have never used a night oil before. Always thought they'd be too well, oily, and I've got quite oily skin. But this sinks straight in, no clammy feeling, no gunky hands. It all blends. And that scent lasts 'til way past the morning time. It's calming and soothing to wake up to as well as to go to bed in."

Anna Griffin

"I absolutely love this cream! I was nervous at first because my skin can be quite spotty (even as I head to 40), but this cream is a miracle. My skin has never looked better, brighter and clearer. And it's good for me and the planet too! I cannot recommend it enough, I've spent so much on skincare over the years, I'm never going to go anywhere else now!"

Debbie Clark

"I've used the moisturiser through 2 dry/itchy skin/random rash pregnancies now and can't rate it enough! It's been a lifesaver also great for dry patches on my toddler's skin. Works well as a lip balm too. All in all a great product, highly recommended."

Karen Crowder

" I love this cream!!! It is super nourishing and I've found it perfect for these harsh winter days. I love that the ingredients are natural, vegan and cruelty free and the business is local and friendly. I think it has worked wonders on my tired skin."

Kate Edwards