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Skin Elixir Story

I started to develop Skin Elixir in 2016, after years of searching for skincare that was not only ethical, but also effective for my skin’s needs. I was self-conscious about dryness and flaky patches on my face. Make-up and concealer only seemed to worsen the problem areas. 

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"100% would recommend it to others"

If you're busy and looking for an affordable AND luxurious long-lasting product with a rich yet super absorbent texture without the sticky residue - that on application makes you look like you've just downed a couple of glasses of water - Skin Elixir is your skin's new best friend.

Of 22 indepth customer surveys, 100% said that the Skin Elixir moisturiser transformed their skin - bringing an incredible sense of hydration, giving a noticeable glow - that their skin feels nourished and silky smooth to the touch.

Feed the Skin Goodness. Feed the Mind Calm.

Skin Elixir was built around a desire to create small batch, handmade products that feel luxurious on the skin and visibly improve its condition, whilst weaving in the subtle art and science of aromachology - the scientifically observable influence of smell on emotions and moods.

A constant theme at the heart and soul of Skin Elixir is to develop products that stimulate the olfactory pathway, bringing balance to our emotional health - to nourish the skin you're in.

Scientific studies report that the links between our sense of smell as a trigger to memories and emotions may simply be due to the artictectural layout of our brain. Running from our nose to the base of our brain, the olfactory bulb has direct connections to our amygdala (the area of the brain responsible for processing emotion) and to our hippocampus (an area linked to memory and cognition).

Frankincense is long revered as an anti anxiety and my award winning moisturiser is favoured by customers for its relaxing aroma that brings emotional comfort.

More than just skincare, application of Skin Elixir day and night becomes a ritual in self care, an act of wellbeing, a gentle retreat from the stresses of every day life. Skin Elixir is self care skin care.

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Body/Bath or Shower Oils

Give your skin the treatment it deserves and pamper your body. Quench dry skin and indulge your senses with my small range of 100% natural, gloriously scented handblended organic body oils, perfect for the bath/ shower, an aromatic massage, or for applying like a perfume. Affordable opulence for your skin and senses.

The Skincare Bundles

Give the gift of beautiful skin whether for a Wedding, Engagement, Valentine's, Mother's Day, birthday's, or a gesture of love to yourself or another, or for Christmas. Skin Elixir is luxury for those who love nature, sensual scents, fuss-free, organic, vegan, 100% natural, non toxic, handcrafted, beauty products. 

"We LOVE it"

Sadie Frost & Collette Cooper

"I've been using the cream and oil for about 14 days and absolutely love it. My husband without knowing I'd changed skincare routine (do they ever listen ha) said your skin looks good! The cream stays on my face all day which is remarkable! Think I've found my forever skincare products! All natural too AMAZING!"

Carol Appleton

"I've used a lot of skincare brands and I wanted to try a small business and natural skincare. After a week my skin feels so moisturised and brighter. My skin is comfortable, soft and glowing. Thank you for a fabulous product"

Laura TD

" At 48 I'm a little embarrassed to say that I've never really had much of a skincare routine! But since finding this I'm converted!! Fells divine, smells divine and the difference is amazing. Thank you"

Claire Jenkins

Probably the most luxurious night treatment I've ever used with an exquisite scent.

Sandra Robinson, Beauty Balm Blogger

BEST MOISTURISER EVER!!! It's long lasting and makes my skin feel amazing. I won't go back to using anything else. Thank you Shona

Sophie Catherine

I have used many moisturisers over the years. From supermarket options to ones you have to take a small loan out for...Nothing comes close to Skin Elixir... It's taken me decades but I have found the prefect match for my skin. I honestly can't recommend enough.

Philippa Burns @username

Multi Award Winning Skincare