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Experience the ultimate in vegan, organic, 100% natural, multi award-winning, luxury skincare infused with powerhouse ingredient black seed oil created to truly nourish the skin you're in. Bringing comfort and radiance to skin since 2016.

Skin Elixir

Skin Elixir is a capsule range of 100% natural, organic, vegan, waterless, cruelty-free, no-fuss, multi-award winning high performance every day luxury facial skincare, and skin nourishing eau de parfum handmade in small batches weekly in West Bridgford, Nottingham for those precious moments of selfcare and to bring bliss to the senses.

Discover the beauty of science in natural skincare products. Skin Elixir products harness the healing power of Black Seed Oil to get to the root of acne, balance rejuvenate and illuminate skin fast.

Experience the difference with fuss-free luxury skincare crafted with your skin's well-being in mind.

Choose Skin Elixir and get on top of your skin health, revitalise and restore dry, flaky, lacklustre skin for a radiant, luminous and harmonious glow - and take any stress out of your face.

Skin Elixir luxurious facial skincare products work fast to ease menopausal skin issues. Read how Black Seed Oil and Bakuchiol out perform other plant retinol Bidens pilosa.

"I’m obsessed with the Skin Elixir Super Natural Oil!  It genuinely works - the fine lines around my eyes have reduced, and my skin is so healthy and plump.   It’s given me such a gorgeous glow I’ve stopped wearing foundation.“

Ciara O'Reilly

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Naturally, the Skin Elixir range is lab tested and safety certified with 12 months shelf life.

Divine Scent with Staying Power

"This perfume makes me feel so special. It has a gorgeous, sumptuous scent which is rich, but also light and lifts my spirits"
Perfume is Skincare Too

After months in the making 'The Kiss of Lux Solaris' 100% natural, phthalate free (without petroleum based chemicals), organic, vegan and cruelty free eau de parfum is here. This plant perfume has a beautifully seductive warming scent that will have you craving more.

Handmade, one bottle at a time.

Shake to Wake the Sunshine.

Loved by Charlotte Dillon of The Balanced Midlife

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"Works just as well as the Solaware but is less than half the price!!!" Samantha Ferrier/ @Skinlovesbysam

"Using daily has lessened the acne scarring and redness"

"My skin was commented on as glowing by others"

"A beautiful, luxurious experience"

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Step into a World of Glowing Radiant Healthier-looking Skin

"Works just as well as the Solaware but is less than half the price!!!" Samantha Ferrier/ @Skinlovesbysam

Add the Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand to your selfcare routine and wave goodbye to blotchy, uneven red skin. In 2 week trials, 5 minutes a day my customers saw a visible reduction in under eye shadows and bags, reduced redness, a more even texture, undeniable soothing for rosacea symptoms.

Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand

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Nourish the Skin You're In: A Guide to Radiant and Healthy Skin on the Skin Matters Blog

Multi Award Winning Skincare

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