Poems of Scents by Katie Murray

Today's blog post is a beautiful poetic account by writer Katie Murray of my handcrafted organic body oils, Bisou and Sangfroid.

In tomorrow's Wellness Wednesday email I will be describing the therapeutic qualities of the oils and Katie and I will be doing an Instagram live when Katie will be reading these beautiful poems.



I am your star-gazing moment with your own universe.

I am the moment you feel your own magic. When it whispers to you.

And you listen

And know

From your deepest self

That we are the earth and the earth is us.

I am the end and the beginning of the seasons. The secret of the earth.

Holding you, holding you.

I am you, holding you.



I am the sun-dappled light through the forest green.


I am flashes of purple in fields. The sweetest bloom.

Moments you don’t want to ever pass.


I am the dusky evening

Warm skies, pink clouds.

I am the sun-warmed earth between your fingers;

Secrets shared in the tall grass.


I am the moment you realise you are your own medicine.

I am the joy of waking up. To yourself. I am your quietest voice,

Your healer;





Bisou Organic Body Oil

Katie Murray is published writer, poet and founder of Love of Literacy
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