Book Your Skin Elixir Skincare Pamper Party

 Book your Skin Elixir Skincare Pamper Party

Book a Skin Elixir Soiree & Bring the Glow to Your Gatherings.

Are you running out of your favourite Skin Elixir product? Why not host a party and replenish for free.

Take your evening with friends in Nottingham to a whole new level of self-care and indulgence with the Skin Elixir Soiree.

Get ready to sample the exquisite small range of organic, vegan, handmade performance Skin Elixir skincare products and experience the transformative power of nature and the phenomenal Black Seed Oil on your skin. These events allow you and your friends to immerse yourselves in the world of award-winning skincare, all from the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps you run a yoga studio or wellness centre, maybe you've got a retreat planned and would like me to come along and host a gathering there? Maybe you're a bride to be? There are many possibilities.

Experience the Following:

1. Skincare Sampling:

Guests will have the opportunity to try out a curated selection of the Skin Elixir best-selling products. From multi tasking moisturisers and facial oils to perfume and the Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand, discover the perfect match for your unique skincare needs.



2. Personalised Skincare Consultations

Let Shona guide you and your friends towards the most suitable products for your skin concerns and goals. Learn about the ingredients, benefits, and proper usage of each product.

3. Exclusive Offers

Enjoy special promotions and exclusive discounts during the Skin Elixir Soiree. If you find a product that you absolutely love, you'll have the opportunity to buy it at a discounted price. It's the perfect time to stock up on your favourites or explore new additions to your skincare routine.

4.Socialise and Learn

The Skin Elixir Soiree goes beyond skincare. It's a chance to connect with your friends, relax, and unwind while gaining knowledge about the latest trends and practices in the skincare industry. Share tips, experiences, and beauty hacks with fellow skincare enthusiasts or just enjoy some pampering and bliss to your senses.

5. Host Rewards

As the host of the Skin Elixir Soiree, you'll receive special rewards and incentives based on the sales made during the event. It's by way of saying thank you for opening up your home and sharing the joy of my award-winning skincare with your friends.

Ready to Say Yes to Healthy, Glowing Skin?

Hosting a Skin Elixir Soiree is an exciting opportunity to pamper yourself and your friends while discovering the skincare products that best suit your needs.

Get in touch to book your event and let the magic of organic, vegan, handmade performance skincare unfold at your next evening with friends. Prepare for an unforgettable experience of beauty, bonding, and radiant skin.

Limited slots. From March 2024 these events will run on a Thursday evening. To enquire about a booking please send me an send an email or ring me on 07933 891885 🌿