5 Reasons Black Seed Oil is the Secret to Beautiful Skin

Skin Elixir is grounded on the principles of 'feed the skin goodness, feed the mind calm; and the notion of potions to nourish the skin you're in.

In 2021, the demand for natural, simple, effective skincare is on the rise as people become more discerning about what they put on their skin.

Back in 2016, in my kitchen in Nottingham I became fascinated with the potent power of Nigella Sativa -  Black Seed Oil (also known as black caraway or fennel flower) - to regenerate skin cells and reduce inflammation in the body, it was then that I first crafted my now multi award winning moisturiser.

Fast forward 5 years and Black Seed Oil remains the super natural skin elixir in my tried and (safety) tested formulations.

Here's what Kate Dawson has to say about it's ability to transform the condition of skin:
"So in love with my Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & may Chang Moisturiser I have stopped wearing foundation - just a touch of concealer and a bit of blush and I'm going!"

Read on for 5 reasons Black Seed Oil really is the jewel in the crown for skin health.

1. Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) is high in Linoleic Acid (50-60%), an important fatty acid in topical oils. This essential fatty acid is known as an omega 6 fatty acid, the body cannot make this on its own and it must be consumed to get this nutrient into the body. Generally speaking oils higher in linoleic acid are lower on the comedogenic scale (Black Seed Oil is a 2 making it moderately low), making it great for un clogging pores.

2. Referred to as the 'blessed seed', historically this seed has a long revered history. Avicenna, a well-known physician of the 10th century in his book “The Canon of Medicine,” recommended use of Nigella seeds for enhancement of the body’s energy and also for support during recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness. Which shows on the face!

3. Black Seed Oil works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and is an absolute star when it comes to nutrient dense oils  - containing over 100 vitamins and minerals. The aforementioned fatty acid helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in Vitamins A, B and C Black Seed Oil helps the skin retain moisture, maintain elasticity and fight damaging free radicals which age skin faster. 

4. Anti inflammatory and anti microbial Black Seed Oil reduces the appearance of spots and acne by vastly reducing the redness and scarring caused by skin inflammations. It is also known to fight eczema and certainly many of the 5 star reviews I receive from parents who have applied my moisturiser to to their kids eczema prone skin have seen startling improvements. In the Journal of Dermatology & dermatologic Surgery 10% Nigella Sativa has been found to significantly reduce the incidence of acne. In a 2012 study * it was shown to have promise in speeding up the healing process of soothing red and scaly skin. I certainly found this to be the case. *https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3785163/

5. The accumulative effect of Vitamin A amino acids and fatty acids work to reduce dark spots and skin discoloration over time. Dark spots caused by hormones, sun damaged dark spots. A major active chemical component of Black Seed oil is thymoquinone (TQ) (30%-48%) it also contains alpha-hederin, a water soluble pentacyclic triterpene and saponin a potential anti cancer agent.

In a small study of 43 women in 2016 - published in the Immunological Investigations 2016, it was found to be useful in combatting the symptoms of mild to moderate rheumatoid arthritis.

All in all it is an oil worth trying to soothe and smooth the skin and senses.

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