5 Tips for radiant makeup this Autumn/Winter

🌱 Moisturise


Caring for your skin is essential to get the best outcome for your makeup application. You can have the best or the most expensive makeup, if your skin is not well prepared, your makeup won’t look at its best. Skin Elixir moisturiser primes the skin in a way that your natural glow comes through therefore your make up application will look effortless and flawless.

🌱 Check your foundation shade

 As the sun gets shy and our tan barely noticeable, it is probably time to re-adjust your foundation shade. Do a patch test on your jaw line to see if you need a slightly lighter shade. The colour should blend into your neck. This is an important tip as beauty advisors are not allowed to try any makeup on you at the moment but can offer you a sample pot to take home. A lot of websites offer skin matching advice but the best way is to try it out yourself if you can, as foundation is very personal to you.

🌱 Concealer 

Whether you wear foundation or not, adding concealer to the right part of your face can change your look. Wear it on top of your foundation for extra coverage and/or on its own to even out your skin tone and hide any imperfections. But be careful, as the shade under your eyes might not be the same than the rest of your skin colour. Therefore 2 concealer shades might be needed. Go and see your beauty advisor for advice.

I love NYX Born to Glow concealer as it offers a sheer to medium coverage; it blends really well into the skin with his little sponge applicator. Easy application and a natural finish!

🌱  Highlight

 As the weather gets colder, your skin can look duller than usual. You can easily fix this with a highlighter. There are so many types out there but for me, creamy highlighters are more natural and can be applied with your fingertips, so no brush needed. Target the high points of your face where it catches the light (cheekbones, cupid bows, forehead and top of the nose) and gently dab a little bit of product on. It immediately adds radiance and texture to your skin even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup.

One of my favourite is the Flawless filter from Charlotte Tilbury. It can be applied all over the face as a complexion booster or just on the cheekbones for that natural glow.

🌱 Pop of colour


Whether is on your eyes, cheeks or lips, colour makes you look alive. You don’t have to go bold but a subtle blush on your cheeks can add to that natural glow you are looking for.

Maybe you have got a favourite shade lipstick, have your tried to dab some on your cheeks too? Use your fingertips to help blend it into the cheekbones. It’s super on trend at the moment and very easy to do. By bringing colour harmony to your complexion, your eyes appear brighter and your lips pop. Trinny London Lip2cheeks are great. They come in a wide range of colours, they’re easy to build and blend with just your fingertips.

A little bit about me…


Originally from France, I studied beauty and then makeup in Paris.

Former makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, with over 10 years experience. I have always been passionate about makeup. I used to, when I was little, watch my mum and sister putting their makeup on and thought how glamorous and confident they look. I realised very quickly how powerful makeup can make you feel and is also a great way to be creative.

I am now Freelance and offer a wide range of makeup services from Special occasion, Bridal makeup and also Makeup lessons.

As we going through our second lockdown, it’s getting harder to glam ourselves up! Me included! That’s why I offer virtual makeup lessons where we can talk about makeup and practise in the same time in the comfort of your own home.

You might have an eyeshadow palette where you only use 2 colours and don’t know how to apply the others, or you just do the same makeup everyday, even when you go out and would like to change.

After going through your makeup bag, we will have fun creating a look together. I will give you lots of tips and you don’t have to spend a penny on other products.

Go and check my Instagram and Facebook don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. 

See you soon.



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