Guest Blog: Mindfulness, a journey towards being more comfortable in my own skin.


 Guest blog by Lydia Weston.

We often hear the word Mindfulness these days, but what does it actually mean?

For me, Mindfulness has given me the ability to fully embrace the ups and downs in my life, without always striving for it to be any different. This has meant less anxiety and stress and far more enjoyment of life.

When I was younger, I was always wishing things were different, that I was different, but now, having studied and taught Mindfulness for over 20 years, I have learnt that I am fine, just the way I am!

I was brought up by parents who really struggled to express emotion, so consequently I struggled to come to terms with my emotional landscape and to express my feelings too. This led me into studying to be a Counsellor, as I wanted to help others who felt like I did.  Years of unexpressed emotion had led to deep episodes of depression, and difficulty coping with life.  I had deep grief that I wasn’t dealing with well. I found some relief through Counselling and helping others, but it wasn’t really until I learnt about Mindfulness that I started to really take control of my emotional wellbeing and started to feel so much better.

 My passion now is to teach others this life enhancing skill that I know can work wonders if practiced! I have taught a range of Personal Development subjects, Including Counselling over my 20 plus years in teaching, and Mindfulness by far has been the most powerful in terms of the difference it can make in peoples’ lives.

A definition of Mindfulness is ‘Non-Judgmental Acceptance of the here and now’ this does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination that we don`t ever change anything, it just means that our day to day living is experienced from a place of gentle acceptance of the moment, rather than resisting it or trying to make it any different from the way it is right now. From this place of gentle acceptance, we learn to be far less judgmental of ourselves, and can indeed actually start to love and appreciate ourselves. It is then far easier to start to move forward, or change the things that are no longer serving us well, such as outdated patterns and beliefs.

Throughout my own life, I have struggled with severe Anxiety and Depression.  I have suffered very low confidence levels and have battled with myself in terms of expressing my true self. I can honestly say that finding Mindfulness for me, has completely changed the way I experience my life. I experience less fear and more excitement. I experience better physical and emotional health and am passionate about my work and family.  I now see life as a learning process and am absolutely connected to my purpose in life which is to teach others how to live their lives from a place of peace and clarity, with total Self- Acceptance!


Lydia Weston.

Teacher, Counsellor and Personal Coach.

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