Guest Blog with Maria Hastings: Menopause & Bone Health

October is International Menopause Month, and Monday the 18th October is World Menopause Awareness day. This year’s theme is Bone Health.

I’m 55, and 3 years into the post-menopause stage of life. There, I’ve said it! While things feel a lot more balanced than when I entered my peri-menopause, those 5 or so years leading up to menopause, I still experience ups and downs. I can still overheat without warning, or wake up in the morning with a low-level rumbling of anxiety. I’m still fine-tuning my diet and lifestyle to be as healthy as I can be.


This month I’ve been training with Menopause Yoga® and in November I’ll complete my Menopause Yoga® & Wellbeing teacher training. It feels as though all my yoga studies and teaching so far have been leading to this: Yoga, Meditation, Qigong with Yoga, even my Teen Yoga training, and I’m really inspired to start teaching Menopause Yoga courses and classes in West Bridgford very soon. With awareness, education, and connection with other women going through the common experience, The Menopause can be a positive, transformative time in a women’s life. More to come on my Bridgford Yoga Page but I just want to share some information about bone strength in the spirit of  Menopause month.

Reduced oestrogen puts you at greater risk of osteoporosis, and oestrogen levels continue to reduce even post-menopause. It’s critically important to prioritise a “bone-healthy” lifestyle. Ensure your nutrition includes the recommended levels of calcium and vitamin D, that you engage physical activity that keep your muscles and bones strong and healthy, such as practicing weight-bearing strength exercises and exercises to improve balance. You might choose to talk to your GP about the suitability, and balance of risk for you, of hormone therapies, especially if you are at high risk of osteoporosis.

Keep an eye out on my BridgfordYoga page for more menopause information and news about upcoming classes and courses. Please get in touch to ask me about it. Keep a look out for a forthcoming collaboration with Kate from The Roar Movement.

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