Introducing the Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand

Introducing the Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand - the innovative solution for rejuvenating your skin and enhancing your natural beauty. This cutting-edge device harnesses the super power of red light therapy to deliver remarkable results without the need for expensive salon treatments or invasive procedures. 

As we age our skins ability to regenerate slows down. This treatment is very relaxing, pain free, and with no down-time. It can be used on all skin types and tones and it strengthens sensitive and vulnerable skin. Red light therapy speeds up blood circulation, and delivers oxygenated blood which boosts and nourishes the whole body, lowers stress hormones, reduces inflammation, boosting the immune system and feel good hormones.

This easy and quick self treatment rejuvenates and promotes skin health, enabling cells to accept and utilise skincare products more effectively and efficiently, ultimately meaning products last longer.

It is really helpful for menopausal skin. The onset of menopause changes the skin. Oestrogen and progesterone induce proliferation of the keratinocytes (main type of cells found in outermost layer of skin (epidermis) these cells produce a protein called keratin which helps provide structure and support for skin) and collagen synthesis. They prevent matrix metalloproteinases (MMP's)- these are enzymes responsible for remodelling and repairing tissue - allowing new tissues to be formed. During menopause oestradiol levels reduce by more than 90% joined by a reduction in progestin and androgen levels. Decreased dermal collagen and skin elasticity alongside an increase in skin extensibility are exacerbated by a decrease of oestrogens. Couple this with a decrease in sebum production and water holding capabilities, menopausal skin exhibits significant desiccation and reduced skin elasticity.

There are multiple reasons why the Red Light Facial Therapy Wand is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, works by using specific wavelengths of red light to stimulate cellular function in the body. This therapeutic technique involves exposing the skin to red light wavelengths between 620 and 700 nanometers, usually delivered through LED devices.

When the red light penetrates the skin, it is absorbed by the mitochondria in the cells. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, responsible for producing energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The absorption of red light activates the mitochondria, leading to an increase in ATP production.

Increased ATP production provides more energy to cells, enabling them to function optimally and carry out their natural processes more efficiently. This has various positive effects, such as:

1. Increased circulation: Red light therapy can help improve blood flow and circulation, leading to better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

2. Reduced inflammation: Red light therapy has anti-inflammatory effects, helping to decrease swelling and pain in various conditions.

3. Enhanced collagen production: Red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen, a protein essential for skin elasticity and wound healing.

4. Increased cellular repair and regeneration: By promoting ATP production and energy metabolism, red light therapy supports cellular repair and regeneration processes.

The Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand utilises red LED lights with therapeutic wavelengths that penetrate your skin (620-630nm), stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, while improving the overall texture and tone of your skin.

If you're tired of ROSACEA/ECZEMA/PSORIASIS this gadget switches the system on to create healthy cells, whilst renewing the lining in blood vessels and forming new blood vessels to improve skins appearance. The efficacy of red light therapy in addressing and reducing rosacea can vary from person to person. Some individuals may notice improvements in their symptoms after a few sessions, while others may require several weeks or even months of consistent treatment to see results. It is important to note that red light therapy may not completely eliminate rosacea, but it can help manage and reduce its symptoms. 

This gadget in just 5 minutes a day provides professional-quality treatment from the comfort of your own home . You can say goodbye to costly spa appointments and hello to a luxurious facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. The Skin Elixir Red Light Facial Therapy Wand provides the same professional-grade results without the hassle or expense.

It is easy to use and designed with user-friendliness in mind. This wand is simple to operate. Just glide onto the face and let the red light work its magic. It's lightweight and portable design allow you to use it anytime, anywhere. And don't worry, when not in contact with skin it automatically turns off. I've tried a few now and this was the best!

It is non-Invasive and Safe. Unlike invasive cosmetic procedures, the Skin Elixir Red Light Facial Therapy Wand is completely non-invasive and safe for all skin types. There are no chemicals involved, making it a natural and gentle approach to skincare. Pair with the plant potent Super Natural Oil.

LED therapy is effectively a 'first aid kit' healing wounds, reducing bruising and swelling and calming skin disorders (rosacea, psoriasis.eczema) It can be used to treat the most vulnerable and sensitive skin types and acts as an anti-inflammatory, whilst also strengthening the skin to help alleviate further symptoms. Even the most inflamed conditions can be treated; Improvement in acne-prone skin, for example, can be seen from the first treatment.

It has versatile benefits, in addition to reducing wrinkles and fine lines, the red light therapy delivered by this wand also helps to improve skin elasticity, diminish acne scars, and reduce inflammation. It's a multitasking tool that targets multiple skincare concerns at once.

You can expect long-lasting results. With regular use, the Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand can help you achieve long-lasting results. Include it in your skincare routine for just a few minutes a day and witness noticeable improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin.

It's cost-effective, investing in a Red Light Facial Therapy Wand is a cost-effective alternative to expensive salon treatments. You'll save money in the long run while still achieving stunning results.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of red light therapy. Purchase your own Red Light Facial Therapy Wand today and step into a world of radiant, youthful, and healthier-looking skin.


Amelia during the two week 5 minute a day trial







What are your first impressions?(4 responses)

Made my skin feel a lot plumper

Easy to use esp with face oil

I’m excited

Loved this! I definitely felt improved around my baggy eyes & my skin felt wonderful. Using the wand is really relaxing


Please describe what your overall experience has been using the wand?(4 responses)

Using daily has lessened the acne scarring & redness, I used less make up. My skin was commented on as glowing my others. A pigmentation patch on my forehead isn’t as noticeable as it normally is at this time of year after a bit of sun.

Had to factor in the time but did it while doing my knee exercises! Skin felt better using it esp with the oil.

Easy to use, not much time required.

I liked having the routine, the wand felt really good on my skin. I love the oil and adore the scent. I most certainly could see & feel a difference around my eyes and nose. The small broken blood vessels on my cheeks started to fade, I’ve not used it in a week but would certainly say that my face looks less bright!


Would you buy the product? (If YES or NO please give reasons why)(4 responses)

Yes. It makes a difference, but you have to commit to ongoing use to see the results. Since finishing the trial I have skipped the odd day or done it for less time and red patches are more noticeable again.

Yes An everyday way to improve my skin without invasive techniques

Yes. There was definitely an improvement and I’d like to see what long term use does.

Yes It’s not something that I would have considered using before as I’m a wash & go kinda person & work outdoors most days. Now I’ve tried it I will continue! A 5 minute use everyday not only gave me pause to consider the skin on my face, the wand gave me a loving work out & I noticed the difference. It feels luxurious & I felt pampered so thank you for letting me trial it. It’s a great package.



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