Jingle All the Way with These Teen Christmas Gifts: A Gift Guide for Teenagers

As an extension of the Friends of Skin Elixir Christmas Gifting Guide. this edition is dedicated to the teenager(s) in your life. Hopefully there's something for everyone below. Again I've kept this indie, small and local to Nottingham. 


1. FAC1968

My mates Gary & Cherry started with a pop up and now have a permanent shop on St James Street in Nottingham, just off the Market Square. It is crammed with some amazing sartorial finds that teens will ABSOLUTELY love, and..wait for it ..they will not break the BANK ACCOUNT seriously, there are bargains to be had. Plus, as Gary is a DJ (remember Double Bubble nightclub days back in the 90's early noughties?) you can buy vinyl and listen first. This is a cheery, warm welcoming cool place to shop and chill. They are forging a welcoming community space in the heart of Nottingham. A true indie rebel. Also keep your eyes peeled for Cherry Mars badass fitness classes. 

2. Semblance Apparel Unisex Pouch Bag £12

Cool yet affordable label Rachel has created an eye-catching brand identity to match the likes of Stüssy in the cool stakes. Check out the up cycled unisex pouch bags ✌🏽♻️ 

3. Mary Broddle Embroidery Kits from £16.95

Cool comes in many forms and Mary is a supreme embroiderer and sells these sweet kits which make brilliant stocking fillers and are perfect for the creative and arty teen. The vibrant and enchanting Rainbow Heart Hoop Art Embroidery Kit, a delightful creation that will add a burst of colour and love to any space.

Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the art of embroidery with this captivating and easy-to-use kit. This fun kit has been expertly designed to be suitable for complete beginners and experienced stitchers. The Rainbow Heart Hoop Art Embroidery Kit is not only a creative outlet, but also a perfect way to relax and unwind. Lose yourself in the rhythmic motion of the needle and thread as you bring each vibrant colour to life. Let the embroidery process soothe your mind and ignite your passion for crafting.

4. Skin Elixir 15ml Moisturiser £11  

With skincare trends all the rage on TikTok I wanted to showboat the 15ml Organic Frankincense and May Chang Moisturiser as it really is so healing for skin and the anti microbial action of the Black seed Oil will counter acne and keep skin in optimal health. Wave good bye to dry skin and hello to a balanced radiant face. Ideal for 'shin pad' induced eczema patches, designed to bring bliss to the skin and senses - lifting the mood.


5. Nine Two Five Silver Fallen Star - Hot Pink Enamelled Stud £12/£22

Fallen Star – Hot Pink Enamelled Stud Earring (Small). Sterling Silver star shaped stud, enamelled in a funky hot pink colour. Handmade in sterling silver. Enamelled in cold enamel. Stud measures approximately 1 cm and 1 cm in width and height. Available in singles or in pairs. As each item is handmade, they are all unique. This means they may vary slightly from the photographed piece.

6. Nice.Smelly.Things Alice Reeves Teacup Candle £12

A cruelty-free aromatherapeutic candle made in a beautiful English tea cup. This sweet tea cup and saucer set is the perfect present for your loved ones this Christmas. Its blue design is reminiscent of art deco and will be the perfect addition to any interior. The saucer can be used as a jewellery dish or as a succulent stand. Their dream candle can be made into any one of Alice's Blend mixes of essential oils! Available on the lovely Alice's etsy.com/shop/nicesmellythings
Instagram nice.smelly.things
Facebook Nice Smelly Things 


7. Sustainable Bags and Fashion  - Lilly Sunglasses Chain £10

Cool as chunky Recycled Plastic Glasses / Sunglasses Chain. Conjure stylish and sustainable with Sustainable Bags and Fashion's new Lilly chain. Unique and one of a kind, hand made from 100% recycled plastic. They are committed to using sustainable recycled plastic on all their products.

8. Clara Grace - Gym Essentials £20

Say hello to another Nottingham based maker Sarah, this set comprising a shower soap and shampoo bar is ingenious and perfect for those teen gym goers sick of soggy soap and plastic bottles, comes with a handy tote!


9. Raff and Grace Rainbow & Gold Miyuki Tila Beads Bracelet £12 

These look gorgeous stacked and will make any teen fan of bracelets squeal with delight . The bracelet made is with Miyuki Tila Beads. Miyuki Tila beads are two-holed, flat square beads that are precision cut and manufactured by Miyuki, a well-known Japanese bead manufacturer. These bracelets are delicate and understated adding a pop of colour and interest to our everyday. Measures 8cm in diameter and 0.5cm in width. Will stretch to fit. 

10. Corey Ginal Artist  - White Tote Bag £58

I met Raa at an event a couple of weeks ago and was really blown away by her attitude towards no waste and ingenious creativity. She's an experimental artist and creator of things weird and unusual. The white tote bag has a spray painted smiling face relief. Large size, long handles, zipper back pocket, and two hidden pockets for valuables. The technique Raa used on this bag is the product of years of experimenting to create durable relief that holds the shape even after years of daily use. All her bags are individually handmade and unique. Available at That Weird Shop Nottingham thatweirdshop.com

I hope this has been of interest and will help make gifting for the young un's a bit easier!



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