Jump for Joy

So I'd been thinking recently what exercise would be fun, cost effective, low impact, easy on the joints, tightening for the core and great for skin health and weight management. 

The rationale was, if I am going to develop long standing exercise habits then it needs to be as FUN as possible. No pain no gain, erm let's see shall we.

I'd be lying if I didn't confess to over eating/comfort eating during lockdown (who didn't given half the chance!) this coupled with a distinct lack of consistent physical exercise other than walking, I'm left with a few unwanted pounds I really want to shift but, and it's a big but.. I need to find a pursuit I know I can commit to, something that will fast become a positive habit. It seems commitment is not my core strength.

Anyway, as if by magic I came across the huge benefits of rebounding - jumping up and down and exercising on a small trampoline. I'm probably late to the party but seriously where has this been all my life!

So let's start with how it can aid in weight management

Rebounding at a moderate pace where you can still breathe comfortably gets you moving without stressing your metabolism at the same time this gentle detox encourages fat loss. The reason it is effective at fat loss is because it offers a cardio workout and at the same time builds muscle. It allows you to burn more calories and thus lose weight. The jumping action firms up every part of the body including hips, stomach, legs thighs and arms.

A NASA study showed that rebounding for 10 minutes is the equivalent of a 30 minute run without the issue of potential damage to knee joints. It concluded how rebounding is twice as effective as running on a treadmill because it exercises the entire body without the excess impact and pressure on the knees, ankles and feet. Short on time? Well in another article (Dulwich Health) it is stated that 6 minutes on a rebounder is equivalent to a 3 mile walk and the same article purports that you can lose 300 calories in 6 minutes of bouncing! Incredible.

Other experts suggest for weight loss to rebound for 15-20 minutes at a moderate intensity in one period 3 times per week. With Bluetooth headphones on that 's equivalent to a four song blast - easily doable and ENJOYABLE TOO!

Anyone with hormonal imbalance (hello peri-menopause)?

Rebounding is known to detox excess hormones and toxins which are key to a healthy endocrine system. It also improves the immune system as the up and down movement causes the lymphatic system to open and close simultaneously increasing lymph flow by as much as x 15.  Lymph fluid bathes every cell, carrying good stuff to the cell and bad stuff away from the cell, but unlike the circulatory system which has a pump, the lymph system relies on movement of the body. As women get older, we see a decline in the production of oestrogen, the hormone that protects bones, making us at higher risk of bone loss and Osteoporosis (porous bones). Women's bones are also less dense and lighter. When rebounding, the body is elevating against gravity, in mid-air the body experiences 2-3 times more gravity than usual; this resistance is great for muscle toning and bone health.

Rebounding is a safe form of exercise for nearly everyone, it's smaller and stiffer than a trampoline. By rebounding the increased gravity on both the down and the up movement, revitalises the thymus (so we produce more T cells to protect the body), lymph system (which has no pump) - helping to dispose of toxins in the body. Rebounding is also great for strenghening the pelvic muscle, making it flexible and strong.

Skin health and rebounding

Rebounding helps increase blood flow this can lead to healthier skin as the blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all organs in the body including our biggest organ - skin. 

It is also believed to minimise reduction in collagen thanks to its ability to reduce cortisol levels - when cortisol levels are too high collagen production decreases - aiding natural healing processes which helps to make us look more radiant and youthful. Rebounding also helps build elasticity in the connective tissues over time this will correct sagging skin deposits and facial muscles will become tighter.  

Rebounding for stress relief

According to trmapolinepount.com rebounding for as little as 5-10 minutes will prompt your brain to release feel good and anti-stress hormone, endorphins.

Wow well what is not to love about this! According to experts you can expect to see real difference after 12 weeks of consistent exercise but a week in and a few minutes a day I already feel more energised, less frazzled. Firming and toning will happen quickly I am sure. Scouring the Net I have found a brilliant work out you can check it out here and you can pick up  a decent rebounder with handy side handle for about £50. 

A quick note if you have back issues, heart problems or other health issues please consult with your doctor before getting on a rebounder.