NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: All Around Eyes Elixir

High hopes for under eyes.

When your customers command then you make new products and the alchemy begins and before long you are ready to delight with something you feel has legs to transform skin deserving of the strap line 'nourish the skin you're in'. Enter stage left 'All Around Eyes Elixir' not an eye cream or indeed a serum but rather a sumptuous and rather delicate oil concoction reminiscent of a non tacky eye serum that has the capacity to truly nourish the delicate eye area.

Before we look at first impressions and overall experience captured from 25 of my customers who took part in a 2 week trial with a sample bottle of All Around Eyes Elixir, let's take a deep dive into the ingredients.


Jojoba oil is similar in structure to the natural oils produced by our skin, making it easily absorbed and well-tolerated. It can help to hydrate and nourish the skin, thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Additionally, jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores or cause breakouts. Overall, these properties make jojoba oil a great choice for keeping skin healthy and happy and forms a key part in this high performing elixir.


Rosemary is a versatile herb that is beneficial for skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which help soothe and treat skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Cannabis sativus

Cannabis sativa contains compounds called cannabinoids that have been shown to have potential medicinal properties for various skin conditions. These compounds interact with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating skin health. Some studies suggest that cannabinoids may have anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and anti-acne effects on the skin.


The king of oils and features across the Skin Elixir range, Frankincense has been used for centuries in skincare due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can help to reduce inflammation, redness, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also believed to promote the regeneration of healthy skin cells.

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil works to diminish fine lines and Black seed oil has multiple benefits for skin, such as its ability to deeply moisturise, reduce inflammation, and improve the overall appearance of skin helping with conditions such as eczema and acne, evening out skin tone and texture. Black Seed Oil works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and is an absolute star when it comes to nutrient dense oils - containing over 100 vitamins and minerals and is packed with fatty acids. The aforementioned fatty acids helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
A rich source of anti-aging Vitamin A, which helps strengthen collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. 


Lavender has been used for centuries for its skin-soothing properties. It can help calm irritated skin, reduce redness, and promote a healthy-looking complexion. Lavender oil can also be used as a natural remedy for acne, as it has antibacterial properties that can help clear up blemishes. In one study ( lavender was shown to signifcantly increase collagen production which helps skin to maintain firmness and plumpness.


Bakuchiol is a natural, plant-based ingredient that has been shown to have anti-aging benefits for the skin, including reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also known to have moisturising properties and can help improve skin texture and tone. Additionally, bakuchiol is gentle on the skin and can be a good alternative to retinol for those with sensitive skin or who prefer to use natural ingredients.

All Around Eyes Elixir has 4% Bakuchiol. In a study of 50 women with photo-ageing skin in their late 40s published in the British Journal of Dermatology, comparing Bakuchiol (used twice daily 0.5% dilution) with retinol (used nightly) showed that both retinol and Bakuchiol show effects on photo ageing in clinical tests.

In the same study participants after 12 weeks saw  a 20% reduction in wrinkle severity, 59% showed improvement in hyperpigmentation (skin redness and colouring) at week 12 compared with 44% of those in the retinol group. Results include better skin elasticity, more firmness, fewer fine lines, and increased collagen production.

Retinol is not a photo stable product which means it is advised to be worn at night unlike Bakuchiol.

In the Multidirectional activity of bakuchiol against cellular mechanisms of facial ageing - Experimental evidence for a holistic treatment approach paper concludes that data shows evidence for the multidirectional efficacy of bakuchiol against cellular hallmarks of skin ageing.


Myrrh is a resin that has been used for centuries for its medicinal and aromatic properties. It has been known to have benefits for the skin, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. It can also help with wound healing and has anti-aging properties.



Below are the 'Initial impressions' from the 2 week trial with 25 customers:


"Loved the herbal, fresh smell of the product and it glides on so smoothly with the roller ball so easy to apply."
"Light, smelt good"
"I liked the scent and the blue bottle"
"Easy to use, smells great"
"Loves the smell"
"It feels a little oily"
"Gorgeous scent and cooling on application."
"The oil is light and non greasy and goes on using the roller ball in a way that cools and massages the eye area. My eyes can be sensitive especially to oily products so I was a little wary but the product did not make my eyes feel irritated at all. After the first use my eyes felt nurtured and cared for, the skin was smooth and healthy."
"A little greasy at first but is absorbed quickly"
"Nice bottle and pleasant smell"
"Really nice product, lovely fragrance, easy to use"
"Dinky little bottle!!!!! A light oil - fabulous scent - easily absorbed"
"I expected a hit of fragrance that I am so used to with SE products
a nice texture, cooling"
"I like the roller and it sinks in nicely"
"Loved that it was liquid and not cream so nicer to apply. The bottle and rollerball looked really pretty and the smell was amazing"
"good consistency (not runny), the smell wasn't too powerful, absorbed well"
"Beautiful smell - love the feeling of the roller ball on my eyes - very cooling."
"Instantly lightens! Couldn't believe how amazing it was. It literally instantly lightens and creates a lovely soft glow."
"From the very first application I loved it! The eye elixir glides on so effortlessly with the cooling rollerball, and it smells and feel divine."
"Beautiful fragrance, light product, easy application, didn’t irritate my skin
"A drink for the skin around my eyes"
"Lovely eye product"
"I didn't think it would be big enough to go very far & I thought it was hard to get out until I realised I should shake the liquid down to the roller ball end & apply that way."
"Beautiful eye product"


Below are the undoctored responses from 25 women's experiences and results of using the All Around Eyes Elixir daily over a 2 week period


"I haven’t used a specific eye product before and felt I really needed it. It’s been so easy to use and I felt an improvement after just a couple of days. My eyes are visibly less puffy , reduced dark circles and my delicate under eye skin looks nourished and smooth. It feels like when I’ve had a good nights sleep! The product has also lasted such a long time even though I have felt I’ve been liberal with the application!"
"Easy to apply, great smelling, easy to use with other products, light
"The product has been easy to use as it is super quick to apply with the roll on design and I have noticed an improvement around my eye area with lines and dark circles less noticeable".
"Lovely product with a great smell. Application is so easy and perfect under moisturiser. Eye area still feels soft and supple in the morning after applying before bed."
"Love the smell and how it absorbs really quickly into the skin
I like the metal roller application. I haven't been very disciplined (2x a day not every day) but can def see a difference."
"Lovely product. The roller ball creates a cooling effect, I've definitely noticed an improvement in my crows feet, skin under eyes feels soft and supple. I don't suffer with dark circles or redness so can't comment on that."
"Really positive. Like I said it feels like a really nurturing product that doesn't irritate your eyes. My skin loved it and it was absorbed easily leaving the skin around my eyes smoothed, hydrated, glowing and healthy."
"I was hoping to see more improvement"
"Photos are about 10 days apart. It wasn’t till I looked at them together that I’ve seen any difference as I’d thought there’d been no improvement. I’m guessing more use will see better results."
"Easy to use and a little goes a long way, like you said! Smoothened lines on out edges of my eyes. Didn't think it had done much to the dark circles but on comparing photos it has slightly."
"I love using it and I was hoping for a miracle!!! you’d have thought that by now I would have realised that they are very few and very hard to find!!!"
"It’s made a noticeable difference to my eye area, it’s feels like silk, I would buy in a bundle without doubt. I did expect a fragrance though."
"It was nice to use, it felt luxurious, I liked using an oil under the yes in the eve
I liked it but probably need to figure out the best way to use it"
"The rollerball felt really nice and cool on my eyes when rolling on which was a nice experience and I put the bottle in the fridge to make this more pronounced. The liquid soaked in quickly and my eyes felt refreshed when doing this and felt nicer than a cream which often feels heavy under your eyes. My eyes look brighter and better tone / smoother than before."
"I tried to make sure I applied it morning and night for the two weeks to see what differences I would notice, there are subtle differences and so would be curious to use it for longer to see how that progressed."
"I haven't noticed a huge difference - not like I did when I first used the day and night creams. There have been some improvements in puffiness and a slight reduction in dark circles. It feels good to put on and the smell is great, but I haven't noticed a significant difference in the problems I had before - dark circles / dark eyelids / saggy eyes in the morning."
"I think it's beautiful. Subtle scent and relaxing roller motion leaves under eyes lighter. It's glorious. Well done!"
"I had reluctantly come to accept that slightly puffy eyes go with the territory of being a woman in my early sixties, but I can truly see and feel a big difference after using the eye elixir. My eye area looks and feels clearer, smoother and noticeably less puffy. Don't think I've ever used a product (except for skin elixir) which has had such immediate results!"
"Dark circles and lines have reduced"
"At first I found the roller ball a little tricky and wasn't able to get the product on to my eyes without dragging the skin, is I took the roller ball out and just dabbed a little on my ring finger. The product felt luxurious and was a real nourishing drink for the skin around my eye's. I began to notice the lines around my eyes a little less prominent. My eye's have always been a problematic area for me and I have tried almost every eye cream, gel and serum on the market, I have even contemplated surgery ( which thankfully I didn't go ahead with and I am learning to love my eyes the way they are) However this serum was a real treat to my eyes. And a little goes a LONG way!!! So to round it up...... I LOVE the product and will be adding it to my Skin Elixir daily skin care routine :-)"
"I really enjoyed using it. Very easy to apply and skin felt hydrated and visibly less puffy"
"It has coincided with me drinking a lot more water in the mornings on waking & applying your magic oil under the usual day cream I have form you, so it has been part of an overall increase in my self care which has been good for me. I have also been slapping across my face on waking to stimulate collagen. I first caught sight of my eye skin when I first got your eye potion - and I was shocked by how lined & tired my skin & eyes looked as it was an outside mirror. Since doing all of the above & getting morning sunlight I look a lot better & less tired. Even my mum said I was looking well..."
"Another winning product from Skin Elixir! I've noticed my dark circles have reduced, my eyes look less puffy & my under eye area looks more refreshed!"


I'm pretty impressed with results as these are only a result of 2 weeks application so imagine improvements 3 months in! On account of it soothing cooling roller ball application this gem of a product works on other areas of the face..deep furrow lines, eyebrow lines, smile lines  give it a whirl for me personally I am seeing a big reduction in redness when rolled onto cheeks, big lightening under the eyes and rediced lines and crows feet. When layering wear All Around Eyes Elixir as the foundation product. Leave to dry before applying anything else or make up.

I'm really excited to see longer term results!

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 Thanks for reading and here's to happy eyes!

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