Peach Berry's 10 Minute Makeover

Peach Berry’s 10 Minute Makeover

Life, as we all know it, is busy.  Whether you’re busy with work, family, balancing your health and wellbeing with a full and varied social life or some other ‘insert here’ wall planner-worthy commitments, we are often so busy rushing from one thing to the next that our moments to ourselves can disappear.

Even before my days as a professional in the hair and makeup field, I took a lot from the pocket of the day that involved doing my makeup and getting ready for whatever the day may bring.  Cut to many years later and introducing one almost 7-year-old, I’ve definitely had to hone a day look in less than 15 minutes in order to get us both out the door, fed, watered and dressed for the day.

Below, I’ve written a step by step natural looking make up look that uses minimal products and should save you time. I’ve made some brush and product recommendations and I’ve included a liquid liner step in here – but that’s totally up to you!

Step 1: Moisturise!!

Skin Elixir is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to a quick routine that will last for hours! Start your look with a pea sized amount and rub on the back of your hand to soften, then apply to the face and neck area and leave for around 10 minutes before applying makeup – time may not be on your side but you don’t want your make up to slide!  Use a soft buffing brush to buff the skin before applying foundation.


(Foundation here is Fenty Hydration)

Step 2:  Base

If you want to keep your day look quick to apply but still want the coverage of a foundation, I absolutely love this chunky foundation brush from Real Techniques for quick application.  Squeeze a small amount of your chosen foundation on the back of your hand and use to brush to dab it – focusing on the areas you want to cover the most. 

With a soft buffing brush, using circular motions outwards, buff the foundation into the skin.  Buffing into the skin creates a really natural finish. If you’re in the market for a new foundation, I find a demi-matte or hydrating foundation sets and stays on my skin much better throughout the day.

Step 3: Using a firm but small brush, apply concealer to under eye circles and blemishes – buff in around the eye area, complete with setting powder and, using your powder brush, apply a light bronzer to your cheekbone area to define the cheek bones – sweep the brush upwards and create a ‘T Shape’.  With a small fluffy brush, add a dusting of highlighter to your cheekbones and around the browbone. For the cheeks, try a lip and cheek tint and dab with your fingers on to the apples of your cheeks and buff in with a brush.

Step 4: Eyes

Brush eyebrows upwards to shape and apply powder to fill in – I use an eyeshadow palette to get the right shade to go with my hair!

Your eye area is already prepped and set – choose a light brown/sand shade of shadow and using a soft and fluffy blending brush (I love Morphe palettes and Now Boarding is my current go-to shade), start at the inner corner and blend to the outer, allowing the brush to cover the full outer corner of the eye to give it shape and definition without applying several colours.  

If you have time and want to give your look a winged liner, I love NYX’s Vinyl and Matte liners as their brushes are fine and easy to apply!  For a wing, create a triangle shape starting with the outside edge and fill in.

Using a nude-coloured eye pencil, line your water line too add extra brightness to your eye area!

Apply a quick spritz of setting spray and finish the look with a lip colour or tint of your choice! Choose a coloured gloss for a pop of colour without the high maintenance!

(NYX Lipstick in ‘Euro Trash’)

Stay Peachy! x