Skin Elixir: 10 Tips for Calming Post Pregnancy & Hormonal Skin and Mood Naturally

Yep I've been there too and frankly one of the key motivations for setting up Skin Elixir nourish the skin you're in was to help other busy mums to have fantastic glowing skin with minimum fuss. We might be time poor but we still want skin confidence right? yes!

Here's some of my top tips for fresher, more vibrant skin and some ideas for uplifting mood (balanced mood can definitely elude me!) and no I don't fit all of these in every day (I'm a single mum to twins not super human!) but by making just a few of these rituals habitual, we will feel better.

1. More water Drink filtered water on waking (not from a plastic bottle (see last blog)). Chug 2 glasses, wake the brain and detoxify the skin.

2. Vit D, Zinc & Astaxanthin For an immune system boost, take a vitamin D supplement at the same time as the water - we can make it a ritual - what with stress of the Pandemic, and Winter around the corner I reckon most of us are in need of some extra immune support. Throw in Zinc too, a much underrated mineral. Clinically, Zinc has been shown to  shorten the duration of the common viral cold by over 50% (Elby, G. A.; Halcomb, W. W.; and Davis, D. R. in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, cited by Medical World, February 13, 1984). Zinc displays antiviral activity, according to B. D. Korant et al in Nature, vol. 248. Duchateau et al demonstrated improved immune response with about 400 mg/day. ("Beneficial Effects of Oral Zinc Supplementation on the Immune Response of Old People," American Journal of Medicine, Vol. 70, May 198.
Natural Astaxanthin is a firm favourite of mine, a powerful carotenoid deriving from microalgae, it has a magnificent antioxidant effect making it a wonderful daily boost to health. It rejuvenates sun and 'pollution-weathered' skin; it's scientifically proven to protect each dermal layer from Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) related damage.

3. Dose up on Sauerkraut Eat Sauerkraut a food source of 'live and active cultures' daily - with every meal if you want. A spoonful of Praxis Probiotic's 'Dilly Kraut' not only tastes delicious but it's the perfect accompaniment if you're in need of a boost of energy and better mood. Check them out here they do phenomenal community food work transforming health with probiotics and organic, plant based meals to those most in need of nutrition. How does sauerkraut transform skin? A 10g tablespoon of Sauerkraut could be host to between 10 million to 10 billion CFU (the measurement of bacteria) colony forming units and could essentially be an alternative anti depressant read more here. Raw cabbage has loads more Vitamin C (which not only is a proven antioxidant it helps skin build collagen) once it's fermented and a host of B Vitamins, acids and friendly bacteria, all great for gut and skin health and mood too! Eaten regularly it can transform gut health, there's strong links between gut/mood and gut /health and with that skin health, and with over 70% of serotonin made in the gut it makes sense to populate it with beneficial bacteria. To learn more and to make your own click here

4. Skin Elixir Our hormones are playing havoc with our skin during this time and we are worn out by lack of sleep in fact jeez let's be real that can go on for years! A little tip if you didn't know - you can also use Skin Elixir with a hot cloth - massage into face at night, remove with cloth, pat dry then reapply before sleep. You will not only awake with better looking skin yes it really is skin food, your mind will thank you too. Want a sample? then please email me now

5. Reduce oxidative stress..what can you do to both energise and boost your immune more vibration raising food with this I mean more live electric foods that nourish and reduce stress and enliven rather than dampen moods. Top food for this are nuts. Brazil nuts, Almonds and Walnuts (some recommend soaking your nuts first) micro herbs (you can grow your own or buy them here if you're in Nottingham), cabbage, spinach, collards, oats. if you eat fish get on it - your skin and mood will thank the fatty acids.

6. Positive thinking positive feeling Start the day with a positive mindset. Take 5 to visualise your day as you want it 'now' - as if you were living your ideal day and especially if you're feeling blue, write it down (my hormones have made my moods horrendous which I believe is adrenal fatigue caused by chronic stress, anyway I'll save that for another post) put time aside to 'just be' (yeah I know does a bear shit in the woods) there's always the time between baby sleeping, when you're not preparing meals, tidying the house, having hormonal tears or, if you've got older kids too there may be an opportunity to escape to the toilet.. to get into a state of gratitude writing down 3 things to be grateful for and 3 things that make us proud is short hand journaling and is known to improve self perception and improve mood.

7. Vitamin C If in doubt take vitamin C, 1000mg is my dose of choice yeah probably more than the daily recommended dose but it's water soluble and seems to work well combined with zinc to ward off colds and infection.

8. Ashwagandha I'm about to revisit Ashwagandha to reduce stress on my adrenals. An adaptogenic herb known for its ability to lower cortisol levels and balance out hormones, it can protect against stress and mood swings, helping to fight anxiety and depression. It can protect against free radical damage slowing down ageing and firming up skin. Note it takes around 2 weeks to take effect. N.b. Not recommended for pregnant women or those breastfeeding

9. See the doctor, have some blood tests. I just have, to establish what is going on with my hormones if anything, maybe I'm just mardy!

10. Practice the 5 Tibetan Rites yeah I used to do them and writing this I'm going to commit  to get back back on it. Tune your body and calm your mind. Learn more here


There's more to add but I've got to try get a barefoot walk in to ground myself and engineer some sales before the day starts properly and motherhood kicks in! It's now the afternoon..that's motherhood for you!

Image Caroline Hernandez