Skin Elixir: Does gratitude lead to greater self acceptance?

Image: Rhett Wesley

What a question and I'd respond with a resounding yes.

Why? Because when we're grateful for what we have right now then the Universal Law states that we will attract more of the same. Thus counting our blessings brings about more blessings to be thankful for.

If we awake in the morning and decide to focus on lack we will attract more lack. This has been a biggy for me. As a single mum to twins I've had many moments of 'woe is me'.

I've made the conscious choice to focus on things to be thankful for. When we do this we develop more gratitude, objective compassion and ultimately a kind of stoicism and recognition that if we stand in this truth all will be well. We refocus habitual thinking which lends itself to saying; if we serve ourselves with a kinder critical voice can't help but be kinder to others, whilst (at the same time) attracting more abundance, more of what we want. And as we commit to this process it begins to matter less what people think about us as we are not concerned with focusing on lack, only goodness, and thoughts that serve our wellbeing which then ''show up' as better days.

It makes us kind of see that life is a perception, seen through whatever lens we wear.

I did an Instagram live yesterday and at one point would have been really self conscious of my wonky nose - the product of having it smashed (by accident) by a bottle at a night club when I was at Uni - but you know I'm grateful to have a nose and a sense of smell! Beauty is really an inside job and confidence and self esteem shine through when we can sit comfortably in our skin. The art of giving thanks for what we do have is phenomenally healing.

A simple tool to nourish the skin you're in is to count blessings daily.

A practice of writing down a list of 10 things we are grateful for on waking and marking down the reasons why sets us up for the day and with better mood we have more resilience.

So in conclusion a positive mindset can be reached through gratitude which in turn brings better feelings of self which then spreads outwards to others around us.

It's thanks to my friend Jenni and the wisdom of Rhonda Byrne's book 'The Magic' for connecting me to my heart. Sonetimes we all need a reminder to say thanks more often.

A massive thank you to one of my customers Liz, who a couple months ago nominated Skin Elixir for a 2020 Midlands Enterprise Award. What an honour it was on Tuesday to find out I'd won not one but two awards:

Best Organic Artisan Skincare Brand 2020

Cruelty-Free Beauty Business of the Year 2020

This is fantastic news for my one woman brand and I'm proud to be recognised in the Midlands!


Thank you & have a great day.

Shona x

Top image: Simon Maage