The Katie Murray Blog: MOMENTS


I am the whisper and the song

I am vulnerable and I am strong

I am whole and I am scarred

I am peaceful and I am scared

I am doubt and I am belief

Acceptance, anger and bitter grief


I am

All these moments


I am the cycle

The storm

The ember

The rain

The buds

My own flame of burning Hope.


I am open and I am free

I am love and I am here.


I am

All these moments

Just for one moment.

This poem is all about how we tend to define ourselves by limiting beliefs about how we feel, but really we need to acknowledge that all moments pass and we are always changing and growing.
Thinking about all the moments - good and bad - that have started to define me, as I emerge from over a year of treatment for breast cancer, has helped me stay focused on all the good that is still to come. All the good I am and I have, instead of dwelling on what I have lost. 
We can be many things all at the same time. We can feel so many different things. This poem is about embracing moments and embracing the idea that how we feel about ourselves and the world can change moment to moment. And let it change.
Don't hold onto the negative moments - let them come. And then let them go. Wave your hand and smile as past moments disappear. You don't need to carry them if they no longer serve you. They are in the past and we are always changing. Which moments do you want to let go of? Which ones need to be recycled? And which ones deserve to stay stuck on your mental fridge?
This poem made me feel lighter and helped me accept the rollercoaster of emotions I find myself unwittingly riding most of the time. It grounded me and I hope, if you, like me, need some grounding, that it grounds you too. 
Katie Murray is a freelance writer and writes for the Skin Elixir blog fortnightly. She is creator and founder of Katie explores how writing has supported her throughout her journey with breast cancer. Her writing is poignant and she explores with great graciousness, the wide ranging emotions felt during treatment and recovery.