Today we get the beauty low down from Sarah, one half of sustainable clothing brand, Adorned Duo.


Tell us briefly about yourself. How important do you find self-nourishment is?

Hello! I’m Sarah, I’m 26 and I’m a self employed independent business lady! To me, nourishing the body and mind is something that is undeniably important, as I get older and start to see the first signs of ageing I do want to look after myself more; last year I found my first grey hair (actually amazing!) For me that comes from not only a beauty routine, but from eating well and exercising. The body perceptually feeds back to the brain so if you treat it well, it will treat you well.

What works for you in terms of striking a work/life balance?
Finding a work life balance is so difficult for me, especially as I work from home. I’m an early riser and immediately my mind is running at 100 miles an hour; customers to answer, checking what orders we’ve had, what we’re going to Instagram etc. I also never seem to have a proper lunch break. For me I think the discipline would come in actually STOPPING once in a while. Currently I am tying to take an hour out here and there to exercise and I’m figuring out nutritious and quick meals that I can make on the spot or in bulk and eat throughout the week. 

My aims this year are to have more phone free time - turning devices off an hour before bed and doing something like reading to unwind. 

What is your ideal regular beauty routine?
I’m not a very girly girl, my nails are never done and it’s been months since my hair was cut. I’d rather be pale and look ill (I’m half Greek and have olive skin) than wear fake tan or use a subbed regularly. I like to wash my face morning and night and moisturise with a good quality product. I’m trying to switch to as much plastic free as possible too, my ideal beauty bag is a small one I can easily pack up and take with me wherever I go.

How do you nourish your body and mind?
I love a Mediterranean diet, my Cypriot great grandma is 95 and still of sound mind so she’s an inspiration! So I love salads and vegetables with olive oil and lemon. I have IBS and working out what foods work for me is tricky but simple and wholesome tends to be a vibe, with quality over quantity. Admittedly I enjoy a good recreational beverage, but after (sort of) dry January I’m ready to curb that now!

For my mind, it’s very active! I can’t passively watch TV for hours a day. Instead I’ll read, I’m also learning the drums so try and do that as much as possible. I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from learning! But sometimes even just watching the sunrise or sunset helps bring a sense of calm and content to my day. 

Why do you think there’s a growing demand for natural products?
We are doing a lot of damage to this planet and starting to see the extent of this. Plastic, artificial dyes, nasty chemicals. So, with that there is definitely a surge towards the opposite of that! Why would you want artificial stuff on your face when something natural can do that job? You could use a scrub with micro plastics in it to exfoliate or you could just use some old coffee grounds, olive oil and sugar (it’s amazing!)

What contributes the most to your happiness?
Feeling the love of those around me and doing nice things for people!

What lifestyle and beauty tips would you pass on to others?
Exercise when you can, rest when you need to and avoid wearing foundation! Haha!

Sarah is co-founder and maker behind Adorned Duo. Check out Sarah's sustainable reworked vintage collections here and Instagram