We hear from Wellness Author and all Round Good Heart, Susie Bailey.

Susie Bailey

Tell us briefly about yourself. 

I’m a Wellness Teacher and Mindfulness MBCT for Life Teacher. I’m also an author and researcher. My website is www.susiebailey.co.uk.

How important do you find self-nourishment is? 

I think it’s essential. If we don’t take care of ourselves we don’t thrive so well.

What works for you in terms of striking a work/life balance? 

I timetable myself in to my week, always making sure that I take that time.

What is your ideal regular beauty routine? 

I use a facial wash and then a super moisturiser. I love organic products and those without harmful ingredients.

How do you nourish your body and mind? 

I use non-fragranced NYRO body lotion on my body and go for walks in nature, do meditation practices, spend time being mindful & see friends and family to nourish my mind.

Why do you think there’s a growing demand for natural products? 

We understand so much more now about the harm that some additives can do.

What contributes the most to your happiness? 

My Mindfulness-Based practices because they influence my whole life. Family and friends are so special.

What lifestyle and beauty tips would you pass on to others?

Eat a mainly plant-based diet, avoid dairy and gluten, reduce alcohol consumption, use products without artificial scents and chemicals, do mindfulness practices and read my new book...Wellness Is Easier Than You Think’ which is released on February 28th 2019!! 
With love and kindness 

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