We talk to the wonderful Claire Salter MUA who gives us her insight into what brings nourishment into her life.

How important do you find self-nourishment is?

Self-Nourishment is very important to me personally.
I love this quote:
"You have to fill your own cup so it over flows.
Then you can serve others joyfully, from your saucer".

Self-Nourishment shines from within and for this to shine bright we need to take care of ourselves.

What works for you in terms of striking a work/life balance?ms of striking a work/life balance?
For quite some time i had no balance of work life & personal life, My work life had tipped the scales! 
Being self employed I never seemed to make to time for me, I lived, ate and breathed work and in doing so I became quite ill and had to take a while out of work.
With the realisation I had massively neglected myself I began to search for ways in which I could self-nurture, and regain balance in my life.
In my search I found mindfulness, I completed an 8 week MBCT course, I became a mindfulness practitioner, a daily meditator, this then led me to yoga and a healthy balanced diet.
Previously I would have been in a dark photographic studio all day, eaten junk food snacks on the go, the first thing I would do when I got home was open a bottle of wine, turn on the computer and continue to work, eat late, go to bed very late and not sleep well.
After time my body and mind said “NO MORE”
Balance in everything we do is paramount!

What is your ideal regular beauty regime?
What is your ideal regular beauty routine?
My beauty regime begins from within with a healthy diet, supplements (many of which are lacking in the foods we eat today ) several ayurvedic routines.
I am a strong believer in all things natural, I try to also be as plastic free as I can, so when I have the time I make up essential oil blend for my skin.
I will wash my face with charcoal & coconut facial wash.
I use apple cider vinegar as a toner.
I always use an oil on my skin before a moisturiser, something like a mix of coconut, almond, vitamin E and a few essential oils.
I will then apply a cucumber and aloe vera gel to my under eyes.
I finish off with a moisturiser
I have also recently got into doing a little facial yoga throughout the day ( when I remember and in a place where contorting my face won’t be awkward LOL)

How do you nourish your mind and body?

As previously mentioned I practice mindfulness, meditation and yoga daily.

Why do you think there's a growing demand for natural products?

I believe people are realising that going back to basics and using what nature provides is the best way forward, not only for us personally but also for the environment and this beautiful planet we will on.

What contributes most to your happiness?

Daily meditation 
What lifestyle and beauty tips would you pass on to others? 
What lifestyle and beauty tips would you pass on to others?

Take time out for yourself! Self nourishment!
Sadly in the Western world we see self nurturing as being selfish or lazy.

I love this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh ( Vietnamese Buddhist monk & peace activist )
To be beautiful means to be yourself.
You don’t need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.

Try to turn the volume of self criticism & negative self talk down.

Get outdoors as much as possible and into nature.

Eat a well balanced, healthy diet.

Supplement your diet with the things it may be lacking.

Take regular exercise.

Drink plenty of water.

Don’t over complicate your beauty routine with 101 products, chopping and changing all the time ( your skin likes a regular routine and balance as well as your mind and body)

Keep things as natural as possible, free from harsh chemicals, simple and the way nature intended.

Shine from within and leave happiness wherever you go :-)

Claire Salter is a  Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist based in Nottingham.

I have 16 years experience in the make up and hair styling industries, working in various fields from Fashion, Television, Music video, Bridal & Catwalk.
My work has taken and continues to take me all over the world to many locations and venues, I have worked with many differing cultures, ethnicities, skin tones and trending styles.
Some of the locations I have been to with my fashion work have been quite challenging, for example I was once involved in a fashion shoot down in the Canyons of the Sinai Dessert Egypt, myself, my kit and fear falling from great height came with me!

Due to the extent of my experience I am able to easily adapt to any brief, location and requirements.

Find her here:
Instagram: @clairesaltermua
Twitter: @ClaireSalterMUA