24k Gold Plated Beauty Bar

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Woohoo here's a beauty tool for ya!

Looking for some extra luxury to complement your Skin Elixir moisturising regime and no time for the spa but a deep seated desire for a bit more precious 'you time'? This little beauty will temporarily lift, tone and refresh the look of your skin but more than that - for me - it's incredibly relaxing!

All the rage in Japan and Korea, this vibrating facial massager works to lift, tone and sculpt skin, increasing blood circulation and reducing fine lines.

It provides micro-vibrations with a gentle 6,000 revolutions per minute oscillating stimulation - enough stimulation to the facial muscles for skin tightening and lifting-contour effects.

I use it once or twice a week for some extra 'me time' in the evening - first applying the moisturiser then using this tool for about 7 minutes.

It is said that by using it for 2-3 minutes per day firmer skin will result. 

How to use:

Hold it at the bottom to get maximum vibration. Apply moisturiser, switch on turning the knob at the top. For cheekbones start at the jawline and push the bar gently upward to sculpt the cheek. Repeat on the other side. For jawline, work from the point of the chin and up towards the ear, repeat on the other side. On the forehead, massage up from the bridge of the nose then across from the centre of the forehead and outwards. Repeat on the other side.

And relax.

I find it great for stress relief, especially around the forehead and at the top of the nose and I love how I can really breathe into the calming effects of the moisturiser at the same time. A multi-sensory treat.

N.B. Do not use on delicate eyelids the oscillation is a bit too fast. Waterproof so it is great for use in the bath. Supplied with AA battery.