5* Reviews for the Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser

With the imminent launch of a new product (NEXT WEEK! I am so excited!) I wanted to take the time today to share the results of an in depth customer survey I carried out late last year with 29 customers to gain feedback on my hero product, the Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser. 

I wanted to find out who my customers are, what motivates and inspires them and why they buy the moisturiser and what results they get and whether they would recommend to others. I'm thinking by sharing the results this may help your purchasing decision. 


The following information is from 29 customers who have been using the moisturiser for between 2 months and 41/2 years. 100% would recommend it to others.


The majority of respondents were women aged between 34-44 (55%), the majority of whom (48%) purchase the cream every 3 months making it incredible value.

What motivates and inspires these wonderful women?

Other women who strive and achieve
People in my life
The wonders of nature and how natural ingredients can help our bodies In general
My son, creativity, music and LOVE
Making it better
Friends, music, love, the sea!
My kids, family and friends.
Praise and recognition motivate me (needy, yeah!). Fresh air and walking in green places inspires me.
Family and friends. The woods up the road 💚
Nature and connection.
Being a mum. Organic and natural products, sustainability. Love of nature and all things alive..
Feeling and being healthy. Using products that are ethical
Love, nature, family, art, animals, spiritual practice, food, exercise and wellbeing.
My family and friends
Being kind.
Seeing people happy with their lives and always trying to improve
Seeing people happy
Family, music, love, laughter, fun
Anything that lifts my mood e.g. exercise, time with positive people, music
Caring for others.
Living life to the full, connecting with friends, laughing, being real. Wisdom, honesty and integrity.
Healthy, clean living, light, dancing, music, reading health articles/learning about what I can do to support my own health & that of those around me, learning about ways in which I can be better on all levels, getting things done, connection with friends & loved ones, nature.

 Why do they use Skin Elixir and what results do they get personally? 

In their own words:

"Skin confidence - it simply cannot be underestimated."
"My skin just loves the moisturiser and night oil. I have sensitive skin and have never found anything that works so well and doesn’t irritate it. It leaves my skin literally glowing and smelling Divine."
"I love the smell and feel of the cream. My 1 year old son loves it too."
"I just love the smells both of the oil and the moisturiser- and I’m sure the massaging into my skin is making a difference."
"It helps keep my skin looking healthy and feels really nourishing."
"I love the way it makes my skin glow."
"Small business, great quality."
"I love that Skin Elixir is vegan and that the ingredients are natural. It smells amazing and is soothing to put on before bed, plus my skin is clearer and I look younger from using it which is a massive win - it's less red so now don't need to wear as much make up. At least 3 of my friends now swear by it after I recommended it as it's so good!"
"Eczema eliminated. Skin confidence. Better make up application. Confidence I am using an ethical brand and supporting small business."
"Moisurisation like no other and I feel SO soothed by the aromatherapy."
"Brighter, clearer healthier looking and younger (I think) feeling skin. Well moisturised (both mine and kids dry patches on face/body) I use as a lip balm to stop drying out in winter."
"I buy it because I think it stops my skin from ageing more quickly than it would otherwise. It’s also organic and smells lovely."
"Skin Elixir is a lovely nourishing cream, that is packed with good things but feels very uncomplicated. Would recommend it for all skin types - the night oil is also fantastic. I get a fabulous dewy complexion in the mornings - and I have very sensitive skin prone to a little eczema. Such a good find, good price, great product."
"Somehow other moisturisers dry my skin! I don't feel the need to wear foundation. I love it when I was in really hot countries my skin felt hydrated ( wishing we could go on holiday soon!)."
"I love that it’s organic, vegan, free of nasty crap and is made locally and with genuine love."
"I love the fact its made from natural ingredients and comes in a glass tub. No horrible plastic waste. My skin has never looked and felt so good. Before I started using skin elixir I would never leave the house without foundation on as I thought my skin looked awful. Now, I never wear it. I don't need to. My skin is beautiful, soft, smooth and evenly toned. I'll use skin elixir for ever ! I love it x"
"The dry but also greasy area around my nose is completely cleared up. It also makes it less blotchy."
"Improved circulation, protection from the elements, nourishment, adornment and pampering, fragrant joy and lasting aromatherapy. Confidence my skin looks amazing. Happy in my own skin!"
"It is the perfect moisturiser and night oil for my very sensitive and dry skin. Skin feels instantly hydrated and soft. Also the moisturiser is the only cream I am happy to use on my 7 year old daughter when she occasionally needs it."
"It keeps my face hydrated and smells amazing. It’s important to me that it’s cruelty free and a local brand to me. I have stopped using foundation and I’ve work foundation for about 15 years!"
"As I have got older (52) I'm more conscience of my environment and how it affects my skin, I'm also more aware of ingredients in other products, I like the fact your products are organic x".
"Makes you skin feel light, bright and glowing".
"It looks hydrated, clear and healthy and is also a great lip balm too!"
"Plumper skin so less fine lines round lips and under eyes, dewy finish, reduces dryness".
"Natural ingredients, lovely smell. Makes my skin glow and spot free".
"I love its nourishing properties as well as the ethical, natural ingredients all of which are combined with a magical hand made touch".
"I buy it to support Shona, because it is a local product made locally with natural ingredients & with ingredients which I believe are medicine for the mind/body and are non-toxic, because my skin likes it, it smells good, it's not wrapped in plastic packaging, I don't have to go out to buy it - it comes to me, the price is reasonable, I enjoy putting it on because I like the texture & consistency & because I feel I am in my integrity when using this product."
"I like supporting a small business & I haven’t found any product like it"
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Thank you, Shona x