Friends of Skin Elixir Christmas 2023 Gifting Guide

With my mum organising a Secret Santa this year it got me thinking about Skin Elixir and the creation of a mini  'Friends of Skin Elixir Christmas Gift Guide' to celebrate, small, indie and local excellence in gift ideas.

To follow you will find 10 of my favourite present ideas (in no particular order) to gift on to loved ones. Make sure to check back soon for my top 10 steals for teenagers in the Skin Elixir Jingle All the Way with These Teen Christmas Gifts: A Gift Guide for Teenagers..

Friends of Skin Elixir Christmas Gifting Guide 2023

1. By Sara Christie The Link Earrings £49

For that little bit of affordable opulence that is sure to stir a shriek of joy on the face of the recipient.

Simple yet significant, bold and beautiful, The Link Earring is the perfect accessory for day and night. Real gold and silver plated, these luscious links are made to last.

2. Skin Elixir Red Light Therapy Facial Radiance Wand £55

Ideal for that special someone looking to take some time out for some self care and optimal skin radiance. My customers love this tool. Read the blog post all about it.

3. Nicola Jane Gabriel Art 

Nicola is Beeston based abstract/intuitive artist/painter. I fell in love with Nicola's art earlier this year. No doubt a rising star in the fine art world, her choice of colour and beautiful abstract creations are mesmerising; 'paintings for cloud gazers'. Colour is a big component of her painting expression. "I use colour to express my subconscious goings on, an ever-changing daily expression of intuitive shapes, sceneries, characters and emotions. Many influences come to me from a love of aquatic worlds, colour therapy, dreamscapes, folk tales, calligraphy, surrealism, cartoons, psychedelia and Rorschach tests all plunged from my mind into each painting."

4. Rubbish London Boxy White T-Shirt £39

Matt has been a great friend of my brother's since school days and has been really supportive of Skin Elixir and just happens to have his sustainable brand Rubbish London. This Boxy T-shirt is on my list.. This is not just any old T-shirt. This is made from 100% Recycled Cotton which is a mix of pre and post consumer Cotton waste. The Cotton is separated by colour, mechanically shredded and rewoven into a new recycled cotton fabric. We add no virgin fibres to the Recycled Cotton. Each T-Shirt comes with their branded QR Code attached which allocates a free shipping returns label to use when you no longer wear your it. The garment is either resold via their charity partner Re-Dress or recycled again.

5. Laura Wildish Frosted Bracelet  - Lilac Love £39

I'm just in love with this colour and the fastening. I bought a  'frosted' set of Laura's a couple of year's ago - I kept the necklace and gifted the bracelet to a friend. These are beautifully made and built to last and make a real statement setting off any outfit and perfect for the festive period.

 Skin Elixir Christmas Gift Guide

6. Skin Elixir All Around Eyes Elixir

This is product for you if you're ready to diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness around your delicate eye area. The All Around Eyes Elixir infused with 4% Bakuchiol (nature's alternative to retinol), is a cell renewing eye serum. It revitalises tired-looking under eye skin, is lightweight in texture. Vegan, cruelty free, organic, waterless formula, 100% natural, handmade with love.

7. Helen Hallows Ceramics

Inspired by nature, Helen is a mixed-media artist, creating beautiful original, heartfelt artwork in paint, collage and stitch. I've been buying Helen's beautiful landscape art work for some time and when I saw her announcement that she had a limited run of ceramic pieces I knew I wanted to include them here! Available Wednesday (22.11.23) from 8pm in her web shop  her ceramic dishes are 7cm and come with a poem and make a wonderful gift at £18.

8. Nottingham Mushroom Farm Lions Mane Tincture £30

A pick me up tincture to beat the winter blues away the perfect gift for those who like to prioritise health and wellbeing. I met Will, the man behind the Nottingham Mushroom Farm through my good friend Rachael and having sampled his varieties of mushroom in both fruit and powder form I am excited to bag myself a bottle of this Lions Mane Tincture.

It's made with Lions Mane fruiting body grown by Nottingham Mushroom Farm in Carlton, Nottingham. This tincture is a 1:4 ratio meaning it's super strong, and has been triple extracted for maximum efficacy. They use organic extraction ethanol, purified water, heat and pressure to extract the beneficial compounds of the Lions Mane mushroom. Many studies have been carried out on Lions Mane suggesting that it can stimulate the growth of new brain cells, improve depression and anxiety, and support gut, heart and immune health.

Skin Elixir Christmas Gift Guide

9. Skin Elixir The Kiss of Lux Solaris eau de parfum £38

Give the gift of an all natural, vegan, cruelty-free and organic, divinely scented, long lasting sensual perfume to uplift the mood and bring bliss to the skin and senses. Presented in a glass bottle redolent of the 1920's art deco period, this makes for a sumptuous and thoughtful gift and comes in a black velvet drawstring bag with a Skin Elixir metal pin and neck booklet with an 'Ode to The Kiss of Lux Solaris' from my writer friend, Katie Murray. Handmade with love, one bottle at a time.

10. Molly's Mum Textiles from £6

The lovely Katie who happens to be best friends with my boyfriend makes the most beautifully crafted textile gifts on her old Bernina sewing machine she's had since the 90's when doing her degree in Textile design. Katie loves to create quirky textile based gifts, accessories and homewares. Check the link above you will not be disappointed.


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