Guest Blog Post: The Power of Face Yoga

As people continue to prioritise their wellness in today’s stressful environment, yoga has become an even more popular activity. In fact, reports show that yoga was the top at-home workout of 2020 with an increase of 25% in the uptake of the practice. This has led to more people discovering the different types of yoga available.One variety of this exercise is called face yoga, and it has gained more attention in recent months.

What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a technique that involves a variety of exercises and massages that target one’s face, neck, and shoulders. It also adds acupressure methods to further aid in relaxation. Face yoga expert Danielle Collins also explains how working the muscles in the face properly can improve its structural appearance.

Moreover, one can get in touch with their overall wellbeing by incorporating face yoga into their routines built on holistic health and self-care. This should include eating and drinking well, physical activity, and sleeping well. There are routines that can target specific areas of concern on the face, such as frown lines and crow’s feet. You can also focus your face yoga exercises on concerns related to issues such as stress, anxiety, or sleep troubles.

Overall, a consistent face yoga practise should be able to help you create positive long-term changes. In fact, below are some of the benefits that show the power of face yoga:

It helps to relieve stress

Aside from its fitness benefits, yoga, in general, has also been known to help reduce stress significantly. It achieves this by helping practitioners concentrate on breathwork, mindfulness, and relaxation. But apart from relaxing muscles both in the body and in the face, one major reason why people start doing yoga is because the activity helps you sleep better. Due to the slow movements and attention to breathing, yoga can help the body and mind relax, helping you sleep better. Yoga can also help relieve pain, which is a major stressor for many people.

Even if you don’t have time to do full-body yoga, a few exercises for your face can do wonders to relieve stress. Try doing at least a few minutes of face yoga every morning and evening to start and end your day stress-free.

It strengthens facial muscles

Strengthening your facial muscles works similarly to how you would strengthen muscles on the rest of your body. It involves making repetitive movements through exaggerated expressions. Like resistance training for the body, strengthening your facial matrix can help keep everything firm and taut, preventing the likelihood of sagging around the jaw and eyes over time. Since facial ageing is caused by a loss in elasticity and a gradual displacement of the fat pads between the muscle and skin, doing facial exercises can help them stay in place for a more youthful appearance.

It can minimize signs of ageing

Wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be reduced or prevented to some degree. Face yoga helps release the tension in your facial muscles, reducing the stress lines between the eyebrows and below one’s eyes. And since Caucasians and other light-skinned races (except Asians) have thinner skin with less melanin, these preventive measures are important. Face yoga can help women in their early to mid-twenties avoid these fine lines and wrinkles altogether later on.

The relaxation benefits of yoga we discussed above can also help prevent signs of ageing. When you live a stress-free life, your body releases less cortisol or the stress hormone. After all, cortisol is the main culprit of skin degradation.

Face yoga is designed to relax the face and alleviate tension, stress, and worry. You can also improve the appearance of your face by getting rid of the habit of making facial expressions associated with stress. If you need any reason to start face yoga, there you have it.


 Exclusively written for by June Raven

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